IKOOR, with its highly qualified technical personnel, facilities and equipment, has completed many turnkey projects with the satisfaction of its customers. It is rigorous in execution and adheres to the highest standards in the industry. Ikoor is an innovative company devoted to research and development. Ikoor's policy is to meet the quests and needs of individuals and organizations, living spaces and product variety, within the highest service and quality standards of the age, with the lowest cost, loss and mistake, in a quality that will provide unconditional satisfaction and satisfaction of its customers, and put it into use. Ikoor employees are highly equipped, creative, experienced and detailed in project planning, management, production, construction and implementation.

Project Production and Construction

In the furniture production sector, Ikoor manufactures at high quality standards in its factory established on a closed area of 12.000 square meters in Ankara and operates with wood, surface treatments, metal, flooring and assembly departments. Ikoor also has a wide portfolio of subcontractors and suppliers.

Project Management

Good ideas, right project management and
turns into quality applications and permanent structures.

İkoor is a company that completes all kinds of construction, architectural, interior architectural applications and technical infrastructures on a turnkey basis by complying with its contracting obligations. It has adopted the principle of research and development in order to provide and increase high quality standards in buildings with its experienced staff, application details and solutions in production and meticulousness. In line with these principles, Ikoor builds permanent works with its adherence to quality standards and its highly disciplined and dynamic understanding. Ikoor treats each and every job he signs with the same care.